You are the best!

“You’re the best!”  We all need to hear that.  We all want to excel, to be valued and to be acknowledged.  I suspect most of us hear it much less than might be healthy for us. 

Often, we have a hard time really hearing the accolade, even when it’s spoken to us. The little doubt engine in our mind keeps chugging along with “I wonder if they really mean it,” or “That’s a pity comment. They just feel sorry for me.”  Many people, including those with disabilities, can be quite creative in getting jobs done but then worry about whether the work is “as good as” others’ work.  It seems the harder it is to do, the more we worry about quality.

I just want to remind us all (I’m talking to you there in the mirror) that you are the very BEST at being you!  You are, in fact, the only one of you the world has. There really is no external standard for being the best you.  The media, social media and our society in general, holds out nearly impossible standards for being the best parent, best spouse, best ________ professional.  We are endlessly comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves—well lacking something or other. 

What does the best you look like?  Looking within rather than outside ourselves can reveal where our greatest work lies.  And it is where our greatest success lies.  The divine imprint within you is not based on someone else—it is uniquely you and at the same time, universally divine.  Only you have the power to bring into manifestation the best you. Only you know the direction you desire to go; the gifts you desire to share; the change you would like to see.

Think of three things you’ve done that at one time, you didn’t think you could.  Think of the seasons you’ve weathered, the joys you’ve celebrated, the love you’ve known.  Just for a moment savor being YOU!  Because you’re the best!     

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